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CSX – Spare 10ft / 3m Replacement Skipping Rope Custom Wire Cable in Black, Red, Blue, and Pink.
Adjustable Length with Screws and End Caps Included – 2.5mm Thickness – Suitable for CSX Pro Speed 3000, CSX Pro Speed XL

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Spare replacement plastic coated wire cable skipping rope available in Black, Red, Blue, Pink.

Choose a colour to customise your skipping rope with different colour combinations, for instance: Red Wire / Blue Handles, Pink Wire / Black Handles etc – We have included several colour combination examples in the images so you can see how they will look.

10ft / 3m length, Thin 2.5mm tangle free wire rope, includes 2x Screw Adjusters and 2x Rubber End Caps.

It is easy to adjust the length of the wire rope using a Philips Head Screwdriver, simply set the length required, tighten the screw and cut any excess rope using pliers – you can try different lengths before cutting the rope.

The replacement rope is suitable for the CSX Pro Speed 3000, CSX Pro Speed XL and any other skipping ropes that use a thin 2.5mm wire rope.

For Indoor Use – Do not use on abrasive surfaces – If you skip outside, we recommend that you use a rubber or interlocking gym mat to prevent the wire from wearing out. This will also provide you with some cushioning if you are jumping on a hard surface.

The rope comes with the CSX 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, If for any reason you are not happy with the performance of your product , simply contact us and we will do our best to help, whether though replacement, repair or refund.

NOTE: This is only to purchase a replacement rope; it does not include the skipping rope handles.


Length: 10ft / 3m

Diameter: 2.5mm

Colour: Black; Red; Blue; Pink


  • 10ft wire rope
  • 2x screw adjusters
  • Rubber end caps

Suitable For:

  • CSX Pro Speed 3000
  • CSX Pro Speed XL
  • Any other skipping ropes requiring a 2.5mm thin wire rope.

Guarantee: CSX 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee